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My New Year’s resolution is to
help everyone cut 20% off their Electric bill


December 31, 2009

Did you know that you have an option or best an opportunity to change your electric generation supplier? YOU DO. If you look at your electric bill closely, there are two charges compiling your bill. On both CL&P and United Illuminating’s bill there is a generation supplier charge and delivery charge. Well do to deregulation, you now have a choice to choose your generation power supplier. The benefits are substantial. The process is a breeze.

Go to to learn more.

The process is easy. The most seamless change for greater savings on your electric bill each and every month.

On average you will save 15-20% by choosing a company offering a lower generation charge. CL&P currently charges a rate of .1264 per KW hr. on my bill. I went to and filled out the form in minutes. All that is necessary is your old bill. Off the bill there are two account numbers and a name key. These are all you have to fill out.


After the form is filled out. Your application is submitted and you will be notified shortly there after. THERE IS NO COST. NOT UP FRONT.NO COST OUT OF POCKET EVER. You can cancel at anytime, ( I don’t know why you would want to cancel anyhow. The savings are too great.) On your bill there is a next meter reading date. On that date your generation supplier will change. This is the start of great savings.


Nothing much except for the NEW generation supplier and address will be on your next CL&P or UI bill.
You still pay your current Electric supplier. You still expect them to come out if you have a power outage or trouble. Your payment still goes to your current electric supplier. Nothing really changes. The nice part is there is no contract necessary, no credit check, nothing
COME by our office and we can help you fill out the form. Preferred Oil llc. is now a master broker. GO TO to see the easiest thing you can do to save big MONEY.

A true testimony on a deli store that uses approximately 4000 kw hrs per month. There current supplier was CL&P. The bill about 900 dollars per month. 5 minutes later with the old bill in hand. We determined that the savings would be $114 per month or $1358 dollars per year. SERIOUS savings. THe store owner comments on the savings. “HE wished he did it one year ago”...

I asked him do you know how much more you have to work to profit $1358 to be able to pay this? He took the several more forms to fill out for his own home and inlaws as well.
There is no gimmick. Because the Utilities is governed by the State of Connecticut there are websites and information available that shows the suppliers who offer generation power and their rates.

IT IS SIMPLE. GO to to register. Tell your friends. They will be pysched you did.

This can apply to anyone, business big or small to enroll. No charge for anyone to do this.

WHY hasn’t everyone done this yet? I feel the proposals are glamourized or enhanced. I don’t know the last time I really looked at my electric bill and how the bill was broken down until this deregulation choice was pointed out to me. BUT NOW I KNOW. WELL enough to help you too save on your electric supplier portion of the bill.

As an owner of a small locally owned landscaping firm and heating oil company, I felt this was a perfect fit and something I could do for everyone I know. WHO doesn’t want to save money? Anyone can do it.

COME by our office at PREFERRED OIL in CHESHIRE, CT.

BETTER YET DO IT NOW online and start saving immediately.

If you do not have access to a computer, email us at and we will fax you a form to fill out.

THREE ways to save

1. Go online

2. Stop at our office -Preferred Oil in Cheshire, CT 203-250-1030.

3. Or email us for a form that we can fax to you.

Any questions you can call me. I will help


Michael Gotowala
Owner manager of PREFERRED OIL LLC.

I have personally helped people save thousands on their own electric bills. HELP us reach our goal of 100,000 dollars in savings. Savings for everyone. Join today

You could literally run your hot tub or pool all year for free. I will help you read and understand your electricity bill so you can make the choice. The choice to save money. DO it today. Email us with your savings. We want to know. On the landing page of there is a calculator to show you the savings instantly.
Go ahead get out your old bill, past due bill. It doesn’t matter. Log on and see the electricity savings. Enter your kilowatt usage per month and see for yourself. Savings are big.

MAKE THIS your New Year’s resolution — cut up your credit cards.. This is even easier.. Simply switch in minutes and start saving on your next meter reading. Everything else stays the same. No money, No credit check, No nothing needed to save. Everybody should know about this.. to start saving upto 20% on your electric bill.. Go to CTENERGY to learn more.

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